Jim Shepard – Jaded

Influenced by the rock and pop music of the 70’s and 80’s Jim played with a Country Rock band in the mid 80’s. In the late 80’s he toured with RCA recording artist Mel Hayes playing for audiences around the country. In the 90’s he formed Taxi which became one of Northwest Indiana and Chicago’s most popular bands. Radio airplay for the Taxi single I Won’t Be Coming Home led to a short tour of the Southwest. Throughout the 90’s Taxi opened for many national acts such as Enuff Z ‘Nuff and Todd Rundgren. Taxi released two studio albums and one live album. In-between bands Jim began recording on his own, this will be Jim’s 3rd solo release, his first on Melodic Rock Records. Released on August 10 I’ve been patiently waiting to hear this. Jim got me involved to play bass on a song he was shooting a video for “My Heart Is Mine” it was a lot of fun and included my wife Mary too. What I didn’t count on was just absolutely loving the song. I can honestly say Jim’s writing gets better with each album, and his newest album is no exception.

01. Save The World – opening with a keyboard lick then the band slams into gear, rockin hard, Rusty driving it home with his vocals. Great verse riffs, love the pre-chorus & chorus. Nice little keyboard solo into Jim’s fret burner of a solo. Killer breakdown back into the driving verse, great opening number.

02. Destiny – right out of the 80’s, this one could find itself right at home, memorable verses and chorus. Can’t quite put my finger on what artist this song reminds me of, but I love it.

03. My Heart Is Mine – one of my favorites, tasty bass line and an incredible sax solo. Really soulful lyrics that tell a story, cool video too.

04. We Are Not Alone -nice opening guitar riff, drums build on that into a great pre-chorus & chorus. Tasty solo from Jim.

05. What I See – tasty little guitar riff to open this one up, vocals added to sweeten the mix all into the full band coming in. Another great pre-chorus into a great chorus. Seamless transition.

06. Livin’ For Me – kind of an alternative modern rocker, great guitar/bass riff. Killer solo section, vocals really helping to drive this one home.

07. I Will Find My Way – kickin it up a huge notch, this one rocks!! Not the chorus I was expecting but still gets the job done, great solo section. Just a killer guitar riff in this one.

08. M.G.L.G.2. – taking us back to a time when Van Halen ruled the world, here’s the barn burner. Full vocal & guitar chops on display!!

09. Love Is The Faith – definitely an Enuff Z’Nuff vibe on this one, sweet harmonies and killer hooks, complete package.

10. I Still Think About You – Enuff Z’Nuff meets Cheap Trick on this one, yes that’s a good thing. Great vocal melody lines with great back ups bring this song home.

11. Always For You – the mellowest song on the album but hands down my favorite. Exquisitely written song with an amazing vocal performance and just the right amount of accompaniment, beautiful song.

Released August 10, 2018
MelodicRock Records
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by
Jim Shepard
Mastered by JK Northrup
My Rating: 9/10

Highlights: My Heart Is Mine, Always For You, Love Is The Faith, & M.G.L.G.2.

Track Listing:
01. Save The World
02. Destiny
03. My Heart is Mine
04. We Are Not Alone
05. What I See
06. Livin’ For Me
07. I Will Find My Way
08. M.G.L.G.2.
09. Love is the Faith
10. I Still Think About You
11. Always For You

Jim Shepard – All Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Live Drums & Programming
Rusty Ammerman – Lead Vocals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Backing Vocals 2, 4, 5, 10
Mike Meadows – Lead Vocals 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Backing Vocals 8
Ron Hanchar – Lead Vocals 11, Backing Vocals 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 Sax on 3
Additional Musicians
Chris Georgeff – Keyboards on 1
Rick Vallejo – Backing Vocals on 7



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