Swirl – EP & The Lift

Swirl hails from Winchester, California. Since the release of the ‘SWIRL’ EP the band has been the support act on North American tours or headlined shows in Southern California. from winter 2008- winter 2009 Swirl was the support band on several tours (traveling 50,000 miles in the US during that time). To date Swirl has been the support act for many established rock artists including RATT, Extreme, Cinderella, Slaughter, LA Guns, Souls of We, Red Dragon Cartel, Skid Row and more.

The band initially contacted me to just review the new song, but I really didn’t wanna review just the new song, so I’ll review the EP. It was remastered and re-released in 2017 to coincide with the 3 songs (We are Alive, Spell & Rise Up) that were featured in the 2 time award winning 2017 released movie Ditch Day followed by the 2018 song The Lift.


1. Fourth of July starts us off with a huge riff and shortly hits the chorus and sinks the hooks in. Also a killer breakdown before a head ripping solo from DT

2. Spell killer bass intro from Shane before the band joins in, great chorus.

3. Rise Up interesting intro, didn’t care for the verse but the chorus pulls you in

4. We Are Alive monster badass bass lines and it a hard hitter when we get to the chorus, great solo from DT. Smooth slick ending

5. Message starts with a dark forbidding riff. We get a very powerful chorus, guitars sound a little strange as the song goes on. Love the guitar solo with just bass & drums behind it.

6. Time to Fly (Adrenaline) wow where has this band been? This one is straight out of the 80’s. Easily my favorite so far, nice driving verses smooth right into the chorus. The guitars in the middle section before solo are exceptional and a great solo to boot

7. Mad Disease (Sleepwalker) great guitar riff, I think this is my second favorite. Great verses & killer chorus. Shane & Bam Bam are holding it down tight

New Song: The Lift

Sounds like a throwback to late 80’s/90’s. Great guitar riff and killer vocals from Alfred (great back ups too from DT & Shane) Chorus will have you singing along in no time. Great breakdown back into the chorus. Hands down the best song I’ve heard from these guys. Looking forward to an album in this style.

Swirl is

Duane “DT” Jones – guitar, BV

Alfred Ramirez- Lead Vox

Brian “Bam Bam” Jones- Drums

Shane Carlson- Bass, BV



Swirl Website


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