Union – The Blue Room (Retro Review)

Released February 22, 2000 Union released their 2nd studio album. For many fans this album cemented the band’s status as a household name, unfortunately still to this day there are many who still haven’t listened to this slab of hard rock with iconic vocalist John Corabi (Scream, Mötley Crüe) & popular guitarist Bruce Kulick (Kiss). For the vitally important rhythm section on bass we have James Hunting (David Lee Roth, Eddie Money) and on drums Brent Fitz (Slash). I’ll be breaking down the 49 minute 10 track assault piece by piece.

01 – Do Your Own Thing – We open with the band on full assault, slamming drums & a riffing guitar. John telling you do your own thing with a Jack & Coke and a candy bar and the back up vocals telling you your way isn’t my way, the message is very clear here.

02 – Dead – Nice bass slide to start us off, great guitar riff. Driving verses lead us into a catchy chorus “Dead you’re so outta touch, dead because you talk too much, I’m never coming down.” It won’t take but a few listens and your hooked.

03 – Everything’s Alright – Nice slow build into a groove. Lots of Beatles references in this song in the verses. Probably one of my favorite chorus’ on this album. Cool breakdown into the guitar solo right back into the chorus, you’ll be singing along by the end. James is laying down some tasty bass runs under out chorus’

04 – Shine – Killer intro to this song, slow burn on the verse into a bombastic chorus, such a huge hook! The boys have important message here, read the lyrics people. Another great breakdown back into the chorus. Killer ending

05 – Who Do You Think You Are – Guitar riff with attitude is your opener on this one. That’s exactly what this down tuned ripper is all about Attitude! “So quick to cut me down and then you tell me how to bleed” John is gonna tell you how it is and your gonna like it Mother Fucker!! The song is a lot of fun and while the swearing may offend a few the fans of the band will enjoy it.

06 – Dear Friend – This song features Bruce singing the verses & John in the chorus. Beautiful song but probably my least favorite till the chorus.

07 – Do You Know My Name – Nice soft slow intro till the band kicks in, then we head into a slow groove, just close your eyes and come along for the ride. Love the pre-chorus right into the chorus. Change of pace into the ripping wah guitar solo, back into the chorus slightly faster.

08 – Hypnotized – One of the best songs on the cd, another slow intro into it’s own driving verses, great pre-chorus, fucking epic chorus! This is probably about someone in particular but it could be about so many that go out and try to make stardom for themselves in Hollywood.

09 – I Wanna Be – Union’s song of hope, a really heart felt song. Nothing huge or catchy, just a song where you can hear John pouring his heart into every word and Bruce just nailing a soulful solo. “And I wanna be the sound that rings in your ears And I wanna be your candle in the dark And I wanna be the hands that bring you back here I wanna be the one you see” that says it all.

10 – No More – Great intro, great chorus “No more, no more, I can’t take it anymore.” The band is really tight & Hunting is just killing the bass on this one.

Released: February 20, 2000
Label: Spitfire
Producer: Bob Marlette
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock
My Rating: 9/10

Highlights: Do Your Own Thing, Dead, Everything’s Alright, Who Do You Think You Are, Hypnotized

Track Listing:
1. Do Your Own Thing
2. Dead
3. Everything’s Alright
4. Shine
5. Who Do You Think You Are
6. Dear Friend
7. Do You Know My Name
8. Hypnotized
9. I Wanna Be
10. No More

Highly recommend:

Union’s self titled debut E85CDE23-8B58-4279-A8A4-A4ACED97F247

Live in the Galaxy93FE11DF-B507-4553-A400-582D33007D19

Union’s only dvd Do Your Own Thing Live!99F179D7-7435-47C6-BA17-EA6351EFC620


Happy eBay hunting for all of it, you need it. As of this review there is possible Union news forthcoming because of the 20th Anniversary of the debut, let’s hope we see a new cd & tour.

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