Unruly Child “Unhinged Live From Milan”

Let me start out by saying I don’t listen to alot of LIVE albums but when I heard about Unruly Child doing all the songs off the debut in it’s entirety all but “Criminal” which was a crime in and of itself since that was my favorite song off the CD but I digress.

I first want to go back when I was introduced to the band, I was doing what I always did back in the day going through tapes and trying to pick out bands I have never heard of and I came across Unruly Child. Well the first thing I noticed was the cover of 3 large frogs which totally memorized me. I also checked the song titles to see if it looked like something that would either be Melodic Rock/AOR/ or Sleaze. Well I took a chance and I am so glad I did because it’s definitely a melodic rock masterpiece. I also was happy that Beau Hill produced the cd who worked with Europe, Warrant, Alice Cooper and others and on a side note I met him when I worked at Warehouse Music and he was so cool and down to earth.

As far as other releases after the debut they just didn’t have that magic the first one did after Mark Free left the band when Kelly Hanson took over.

Kelly sang on “Waiting For The Sun” and even though I love Kelly as a singer it just wasn’t the same as Mark Free.

After Kelly left singer Phillip Bardowell took over and sang on “Unruly Child III” and again just wasn’t the same.

After a 7 year hiatus they made a comeback and released “World’s Collide” in 2010 with now Marcie Free, and if you don’t know the story well Mark had a sex change operation. I only bring this up because my concern was would the band still have that trademark sound with now Mark as Marcie. My fears were put to rest and she pretty much sounds the same.

The last CD they put out was “Can’t Go Home” in 2017 which was not very good.

Alright with all the background I gave it’s time to talk about the new CD.


1. Intro/Wind Me Up- When the first chords rang through my speakers it took me back to 1992 and I was really ROCKIN and had a huge smile on my face while the song was coming to an end.

2. Lay Down Your Arms- Another rocker and while listening I knew I was in store for a killer disc.

3. Rock Me Down Nasty- First off the original song was called “Take Me Down Nasty” but I guess they wanted to change it to Rock because that’s exactly what they do here is ROCK.

4. Let’s Talk About Love- The first ballad on the disc and I just have to say a very nice break and the song was just like I remembered.

5. Is It Over- Another ballad and it’s my 2nd favorite ballad from the debut and they were spot on again especially after the 2nd chorus when they are all in harmony singing the line “The Fire Dies Inside” just beautiful.

6. On The Rise- It’s time to ROCK again and the guitars on this song are fabulous and yes I was playing air guitar while listening.

7. Tunnel Of Love- Another ROCKIN song with great backing vocals that’s all I need to say.

8. To Be Your Everything- Now it’s time for my favorite ballad that was on the debut and although it’s not done like the original the melodies are bad ass and I was happy with the sound.

9. Long Haired Woman- This song was my least favorite back in the day but I really love this song now and they bring it back to life.

10. Forever- This is the only song that was not on the debut on this disc but a cool ballad but wish they would have done the song “Unruly Child” because it is a great ROCKIN song but beggars can’t be choosers.

11. When Love Is Gone- Another mid tempo song but still has a very cool vibe.

12. Who Cries Now- Closing out the disc is this brillant song and they do a great job on closing the set out with this classic.

In Closing:

What can I say about the new LIVE CD other than I am a very happy man. What I want now is for all 5 members to go back in the studio and not come out until they recreate songs that are in the same vein as the debut and I will never ask for anything again🤣.

Album Release Date: 02-23-18

Rating: 98

Unruly Child Is:

Marcie Free- Vocals

Bruce Gowdy- Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

Guy Allison- Keyboards, Percussian, Vocals

Larry Antonino- Bass, Vocals

Jay Schellen- Drums

Label: Frontiers Records


If you have any other questions about the band I am here for ya.

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