Madman’s Lullaby – Sins of Greed

From the opening One Shot to the album closer Melt Down, Sins of Greed is a major ass kicker. I became aware of the band with its 2013 release Unhinged. Fast forward 4 years later, the band has upped the game & crafted perhaps their finest cd. 9 tracks of super charged, adrenaline pumping Melodic Hard Rock, sure to please fans of the old catalog and I’m sure quite a few new to the band fans. The biggest change to me is new vocalist Chris Michaels, he will definitely draw comparisons to Robert Mason and that in my opinion is outstanding. My only complaint, clocking in at 38 minutes, I’m left wanting more.


1. One Shot – starts off with a blazing guitar riff and singer Chris Michaels singing his ass off, great harmonies too. Chorus is instantly memorable, rhythm section is pounding it out. Mr Brett just rips the solo, back into the chorus, band ending on a strong note, tear it up boys!!

2. Makes No Sense – Eric & Luis establish the tempo right from the start, nice bass & drum groove. Another memorable chorus brought home by Chris’s Robert Mason like vocals. Killer change of pace for the solo section.

3. Little Demons – Mr Brett starts this one off with cool riff, followed by a bluesy Chris laying down a great foundation to build the song on. Definitely reminding me of a laid back Badlands or Soundgarden.

4. Live Again – time for our first ballad, a killer slow burner. Mr Brett & Chris just burn it up before the rest of the band joins in to drive it home. Just an amazing song that keeps building, I feel this is Chris’s shinning moment, absolutely over the top soulfulness.

5. Don’t Walk Away – killer guitar riff, band is grooving underneath it. The chorus groove saves a good song and makes it memorable. Great solo from Mr Brett as the band holds it down.

6. Quicker With Liquor – Mr Brett & Chris kick this one off. Some tasty guitar work on this one. Awesome sing along chorus. Killer breakdown to head into a ripping solo. Non stop melodies on this one.

7. About You – ballad time again, some nice acoustic work, nice vocal melodies too. Can’t help but wonder if the band had turned this into a power ballad what it would sounded like.

8. The Storm – Guitar solo aka Eruption, Mr Brett finally cuts loose, what a statement.

9. Melt Down – a ripper of an album closer, band firing on all cylinders. Killer back up vocals. Interesting break down section to head into guitar solo. Kickin that chorus hard to the end.

Released November 24, 2017
MelodicRock Records
My Rating: 9/10

Highlights: One Shot, Makes No Sense, Live Again, Quicker With Liquor & Meltdown

Track Listing:

  • One Shot
  • Makes No Sense
  • Little Demons
  • Live Again
  • Don’t Walk Away
  • Quicker With Liquor
  • About You
  • The Storm
  • Meltdown

Madman’s Lullaby:
Mr. Brett – Lead Guitar
Eric Arbizu – Drums/Vocals
Luis Barillas – Bass
Chris Michaels – Lead Vocals








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