Every Mother’s Nightmare – Grind

In 1990 Every Mother’s Nightmare burst onto the scene with their killer single/video, “Love Can Make You Blind”. I remember how much I loved that song and thought, “damn, these guys are going to be huge”. Although the album hit #145 on the Billboard Top 200, the band never reached the plateau that I thought they were going to reach. They followed up their debut album a few years later with “Wake Up Screaming”. I was then dumbfounded, because in my eyes, that release was just as equal if not better than their debut. What the hell happened??? They should definitely be at the next step with this record. Unfortunately, a lot of things happened that included the grunge movement and the band being signed with Arista, who weren’t really known for the metal acts. Anyway, 3 more albums were released by Perris Records between 2000 & 2002. I pretty much lost any interest in the band by then and to this date, I have yet to hear those 3 albums. Skip ahead to 2015 and EMN decided to make a few waves again and release the Grind EP. Even though there was a little part of me that was interested, I still didn’t go out of my way to check it out. Apparently this EP caught the attention of HighVolMusic CEO, Bill Chavis and he knew there was something special about the EP. So the EMN guys go back into the studio, record a few more songs and they release Grind as a full album in 2017 on HighVolMusic. Now, I know Bill’s work and when he told me what he was doing with EMN, I decided it was now time to check them out again.

Grind’s first 5 songs are also the 5 that appeared on the EP, except they switched around tracks 1 & 2, which is fine with me. I’m not really digging the Alice In Chains vibe that Snake gives off. The new & improved Grind now starts off with my favorite song on the album. Loco Crazy is a very cool track that is very infectious and has a great VIDEO that showcases the band and their stage presence.

Blown Away is another very good song. It’s a laid back and slower track that really showcases Rick’s unique voice. There’s also an awesome VIDEO that goes along with this song that shows a little glimpse of life on the road for the band.

The 3 newly recorded tracks, Days Are Through, Stand Up & Swing Again are in the same vein as the first 5 tracks. They’re pure Every Mother’s Nightmare style with their classic southern style. Days Are Through gives us another cool slower track with Rick’s well known twang in his voice. Then Rick gives us his best Bret Michaels (Crack A Smile era) on Stand Up (another highlight for me).

The music on Grind doesn’t end there. We are granted with 3 great live tracks recorded in 2016. The 3 tracks include the EMN classics “Closet Down The Hall” & “Walls Come Down”. Also included is “Push” which came from, what I am told a very good CD, Smokin’ Delta Voodoo.

Then to top off this great package, 3 videos are included for the songs “Push”, “Blown Away” & “Loco Crazy”.

EMN & HighVolMusic really went all out for this package. You get the original 5 song EP, 3 brand new tracks, 3 live tracks and 3 music videos. You’re getting quite a bit of material for the price of a regular CD.

I am told that this is just the beginning and there are a lot of great things coming from the band in the next couple of years. With the feedback that I have seen for Grind, fans are going to be waiting on the edge of their seats to see what happens next.


Want List Worthy
Die Hards Only

Every Mother’s Nightmare is:

Rick Ruhl – Vocals
John Guttery – Lead Guitar
Troy Fleming – Bass
Jim Phipps – Drums
Travis Butler – Lead Guitar

Place your order for Grind at the HighVolMusic site HERE
Visit the official Every Mother’s Nightmare site HERE
Also like the official EMN Facebook page HERE


One thought on “Every Mother’s Nightmare – Grind

  1. Thanks for the Kind words. EMN worked hard on this cd and are very proud of it, and Bill was right, Smoking Delta Voodo is a great album also. Thanks again and
    Keep on GRINDING
    Check out EMNROCKS. Com


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