Under The Radar – So Alive

Under The Radar – So Alive
November 2017

I’ve been listening to the new Under The Radar CD, “So Alive” for 2-3 weeks now and been dying to do a review on it for just as long, but life gets in the way sometimes and sometimes that is a blessing in disguise when it comes to doing a review because you have more time to let the music sink in.

I’ve been looking forward to this CD for some time now. I absolutely loved their debut EP that came out a few years ago and for thoose that aren’t familiar with the band, UTR is a 3 piece band out of Memphis, TN comprised of Zeke, Ryan & Matt, all in their mid teens. They are managed and produced by Todd Poole of Roxy Blue & 714 fame and they have a huge modern rock sound that is showcased on this new release.

The 8 track “So Alive” opens up with maybe their most powerful song, “Boom”. There’s no doubt that they were wanting to start the album off with an in your face track and it shows in this tune. This would be a perfect opener for their shows.

Another great track is “Spotlight”. Outstanding chorus that will have you singing after the first listen. I really like the direction they were going with “Boom” & “Spotlight” as they are different than most of the other tracks offered on this release.

“She’s On Fire” is another great track in the vein of the other 2 mentioned. Very up tempo & great guitar work that for some reason reminds me of some early Kiss.

As for the other tracks, as like their EP, you can hear the Todd Poole/714 influence. Great modern rock tunes that do not disappoint.

I’m hoping that “Boom” & “Spotlight” is the sound that they are working on for the future. Not taking anything away from the rest of the album, but those songs are far more dominant.


Want List Worthy
Die Hards Only

Under The Radar is:

Matt Ireland – Bass & Backing Vocals
Ryan Halcomb – Drums & Backing Vocals
Zeke Yarbro – Lead Vocals & Lead Guitars

To order this CD and other merchandise, visit and message the band HERE.

Visit their OFFICIAL SITE to hear samples


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