Doll Hazard-Transatlantic Meltdown

What do you get when you combine 2 of the hardest working musicians from 2017,       SUiCiDE BOMBERS frontman Chris Damien Doll and Dirtbag Republic’s frontman  Sandy Hazard?

You get Doll Hazard, the world’s best kept secret of all time! This is a release that blindsided pretty much everybody on the face of the earth. This is a project that was kept a major secret for around 2 years and when the 2 announced it, they definitely got everybody’s attention and for the few weeks between the announcement and when fans started receiving their copies in the mail, Doll Hazard was the talk of Facebook. It was actually a lot of fun to watch this thing explode online. You can tell that Chris & Sandy prepared this release very well and they were as proud as someone becoming a father for the first time.

Now earlier in the year, Chris and his band SUiCiDE BOMBERS released, what a lot of fans are calling their best album with SUiCiDE iDOLS. A few months later Sandy and his band, Dirtbag Republic, released their 2nd masterpiece, Downtown Eastside. So you can already see why fans weren’t expecting something like Doll Hazard in the year 2017. Then you have to put into consideration that even though Chris & Sandy have been friends for years, they do live something like 4500 miles apart. So again, a project between the 2 wouldn’t even cross the minds of their fans. Thankfully we have the internet these days.

When I hear of projects like this or when members from bands that I like come together to form a “super group”, I get pretty excited. I mean you are putting together some really good talent in the same group and each and everyone one of them should blow you away, but unfortunately most of those groups are a huge disappointment. My first thought when the Doll Hazard project was announced was, “Hell Yes”!!! Then I immediately thought about how disappointed I was in a lot of those other groups that has done something similar. This time I decided to curb my excitement until I actually heard the album.

Finally after what seemed like forever, I got my copy and off we go…


The lead off track, Cat’s Got Your Tongue, was pretty much what I was wanting from this album and hoping that the rest of the album followed suite. They waste no time in getting your head bobbing and singing along. The crunchy guitars goes very well with the attitude in Sandy’s voice. I love what Sandy is doing here with the harder edge.

Following Cat’s Got Your Tongue with another Sandy sung tune is, Rock N Roll Prostitute. Opening in the same vein as the previous song with the outstanding guitars. Though it seems that Sandy tones his voice down a tad with this song. I could easily see this song being on a Dirtbag Republic album.

Fire & Gasoline give us the first song with Chris on vocals. Listening to the opening of this song reminds me a lot of a mixture of Michael Monroe & SUiCiDE BOMBERS. Chris’ vocals are spot on and the backing vocals are outstanding on this tune. I’m really liking the heaviness on this track.

No Valentine Cards is the 2nd song with Chris on vocals and my 2nd favorite track on the disc. One listen and I swear to you, you will be singing the song when it’s over. If you could ever picture Chris doing a solo album, this is probably what you would get. Oh and did I say that you will be singing this song after the first listen?

Track 5 brings back Sandy on vocals with Walk On Water. Easily another Dirtbag Republic sound. Very fast paced and once again, Sandy is kicking it on vocals.

The title track, Transatlantic Meltdown, is another favorite of mine and another great fast paced track. I like how the drums are your introduction to a song for the first time on the album. This track also contains some of the best drum work on the album. I’m starting to think Sandy’s vocals can do no wrong on this disc.

21 Grams (Off My Shoulders)…for some reason this song isn’t grabbing me. I really wish I could put my finger on it, but I’m having a hard time. I love how the chorus is sung though.

Doghouse…my absolute favorite song on the album. I have been friends with Chris for something like 15 years and he has told me that he doesn’t have the voice for a ballad. Damn I wish I still had those messages so I could rub them in his face now, because I always thought he was full of it and I was right. He gives this song so much feeling. The music reminds me of some good Southern Rock and the piano here is the cherry on top. This is the song every man sings after a fight with his woman. Pure genius! Would’ve been a cool twist if they would’ve called this song Dollhouse.

Another favorite, You’re In My Head and once again, Sandy freaking delivers. This is another song that you are singing by the time it ends. A great guitar solo from Chris and the breakdown after the solo is a great addition.

Transatlantic Meltdown ends with the track Sci-Fi Child which has Chris back on vocals. Unfortunately this is my least favorite song on the disc. The chorus really turns me off here. I love Chris’ voice and always have, but I will have to pass on this.

Overall, this is a great release and was pleasantly surprised. Like I mentioned before, I have been disappointed in the so called “super groups” in the past and I went into this album not expecting much and ended up getting the surprise of the year. You can tell Chris & Sandy put a lot into this project. Outstanding production, Sandy’s voice sounds better than ever, his drumming is over the top, Chris never ceases to amaze me with his work, his guitar playing (along with the bass) is some of the best he has ever done and I am truly happy for the both of them.

True highlights for this disc are: Doghouse, No Valentine Cards, Transatlantic Meltdown & You’re In My Head.


Want List Worthy
Die Hards Only

Doll Hazard is:

Chris Damien Doll – Lead Vocals, Guitars & Bass

Sandy Hazard – Lead Vocals & Drums

Roger Salloum – Piano

Transatlantic Meltdown album teaser HERE

Visit the Official Doll Hazard Page to get your copy. This is a CD release only, so don’t miss out!

You can also like their Facebook page here: Doll Hazard

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